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Fab Defense Ulti-mag

Mako group has just released a new AR-style magazine that makes it a lot easier to load and unload without having to use any outside devices. .. read more.

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Profile Equipment is a main supplier for Backpacks, MOLLE carriers, chestrigs and pouches to the Dutch Army, SF, Navy and Police. We work very closely with our parnter Marom Dolphin on the developement of our carrrying systems. We produce our products on order with very short leads times.

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Belly Holster Belt
Marom Dolphin

Our Duty Belts, made of strong b..

Counter Weight Pouch
Marom Dolphin

In order to counter the weight o..

Foldable Dump Pouch
Marom Dolphin

Our foldable dumppouch or eviden..

General Pouch
Marom Dolphin

This pouch is simple, a rectangu..

Shotgun Ammo Pouch
Marom Dolphin

Small 12 Gauge Shotgun shell sto..

Leg Panel
Marom Dolphin

The Profile Leg panel is a versa..

Source 30L Patrol
Source Tactical Gear

The Source 30L patrol is an idea..

Marom Dolphin

• MOLLE compatible..

Tactical Two Pack plu
Marom Dolphin

• MOLLE Compatible&bu..

Tactical Two Pack
Marom Dolphin

• MOLLE compatible..

Triple Flat Jack
Marom Dolphin

• MOLLE compatible..

Double Flat Jack
Marom Dolphin

• MOLLE compatible..

Whats new

NVG Helmet adaption
We adapted these OIP helmet straps sets to fit the standard NVG mount on..

Webshop under construction
Over the past months we have been designing our webshop, the products ar..

New Mini NSEAS Shroud solutions
Over de last months we have been busy developing a new shroud for the Mi..

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