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Fab Defense Ulti-mag

Mako group has just released a new AR-style magazine that makes it a lot easier to load and unload without having to use any outside devices. .. read more.


The cornershot is available for a wide variety of handguns for example Glock, Beretta, FN 5.7. Furthermore a 40 mm grenade launcher version is available. The cornershot in combination with the Glock or FN5.7 makes an excellent product with a huge tactical advantage. This advantage lies in every corner, every staircase and every alley, with the cornershot you don't need to take unnecesary risks anymore. We believe that the full potential of the system is displayed after testing and trialing with the system. That's why we have a demo system in Holland.

The standard sytem comes with a Cornershot, detachable camera, spare battery 'magazine', light and laser pointer. The package is fully customizable with a wide variety of cameras, transmission equipment etc.

Corner Shot

Corner Shot

Corner Shot



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