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Mako group has just released a new AR-style magazine that makes it a lot easier to load and unload without having to use any outside devices. .. read more.

Case Study HGU-56P


HGU-56P Case study team wendy

In an effort with the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Rapid Development Integration Facility, we adapted our next gen liner technology to the HGU-56/P rotary wing helmet. The system was evaluated using both the current HGU-56/P performance specification and a rotational test using a Hybrid III head and neck surrogate providing a more biofidelic response. The Hybrid III system provides the capability to measure linear and rotational acceleration, and recent studies point to the importance that both of these measures play in concussion . Compared to the legacy EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner system, the Team Wendy TPU liner reduced accelerations of the Hybrid III head in all scenarios:


Team Wendy liner vs. Legacy EPS liner
avg. across the five impact locations per helmet
Flat Impacts
Anvil Horizontal
15% lower Peak Linear Accel.
2.9% lower Peak Rotational Accel.
26.9% lower HIC
Oblique Impacts
Anvil 30° Angle
20.9% lower Peak Linear Accel.
25.0% lower Peak Rotational Accel.
32.3% lower HIC

We believe that addressing complex impact kinematics will ultimately lead to more effective helmet designs, however there is currently no single rotational acceleration threshold that has been widely adopted. We continue our work towards improving the understanding of impact biomechanics and the mechanism of concussion, driving towards both improved testing methods and improved equipment.

Team Wendy TPU liner assembly for HGU-56/P  Custom Zorbium® comfort liner 


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