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Fab Defense Ulti-mag

Mako group has just released a new AR-style magazine that makes it a lot easier to load and unload without having to use any outside devices. .. read more.

Ballistic Helmets


AS501 ballistic helmet

Ballistic or Bump

The first questions you should ask yourself is whether or not you want or need a ballistic helmet. Ballistic helmets are more expensive and heavier than bump helmets, but they provide suppier protection against ballistic and blunt impact threads. Both helmets can function as a night vision and accessory mounting platform. 

Team Wendy Bump Helmet Carbon Profile Equipment
 AS505 Aramide profile equipment armorsource

Aramid or Polyethylene

Helmets nowadays come basically in two types: Aramid or Polyethylene (HDPE). Their are some key differences between the two materials. Aramid generally gives a more stiff helmet which gives better blunt force, compression and Back Face Deformation values. HPDE however is much lighter and gives extremely high V50 test results.

 HDPE Armorsource AS501 Polyethyleen Exfil Ballistic
 Helmet Liner Profile Equipment

Liner and retention

Basically all helmets come in the ACH shape, choosing the right Liner (padding) will effect the comfort and impact mitigating of your helmet.  The retention system you choose will affect the stability of your helmet. The Team Wendy BOA system is revolutionary and gives the user a lot of stability. 

Helmet Retention 

 Wilcox Shroud Profile Equipment


Adding accessories to you helmets adds weight but also functionality. Do you want to combine you helmet with a Night Vision device, flaslight, camera or oxygen set. You will need to choose your shroud and rails accordingly. We prefer to work with the Wilcox shrouds and Armorsource Glued-On side rails. 

Glued Side Rails Armorsource Profile Equipment 


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Clarus FX2

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