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Fab Defense Ulti-mag

Mako group has just released a new AR-style magazine that makes it a lot easier to load and unload without having to use any outside devices. .. read more.

New Mini NSEAS Shroud solutions

Over de last months we have been busy developing a new shroud for the Mini NSEAS. We found out that a lot of people were issued new helmet without shroud, or with a shroud that is incompatible with the Mini NSEAS Night Vision Device. 

Mini NSEAS Shroud

New shroud solutions - Coming soon


The left option is for helmets that are outfitted with a WILCOX shroud, the right version is a glued on shroud which is compatible with the Mini NSEAS mounting. The new shroud will be made from Glasfiber Reinforced Nylon 6.6 in combination with a Aluminum 6061-T6 CNC milled dovetail. The production models will be ready in a few weeks.

In concept it is very similar to the Rabintex Shroud that we use, the advantage is that this shroud is glued. So we do not need to drill holes in the shell and weaken it locally. Furthermore it is about 30% lighter and has a design which prevents wires from snagging on the shroud.

Rabintex Helm met shroud

Rabintex helmet with old model shroud


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New Mini NSEAS Shroud solutions
Over de last months we have been busy developing a new shroud for the Mi..

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