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Dutch SF in Fightex Uniforms to Mali

We are proud to announce that Dutch Special Forces currently operating in Mali have chosen the Fightex®  Uniform as their combat uniform. We have made the design and fabrics to exceeds the high demands that the Dutch Ministery of Defense is requiring. The uniforms are manufactured by Fibrotex Technologies.

The uniforms are Inherited Fire Retardant and coated with permethrine. Furthermore the fabric and design is extremely breathable and lightweight. It is perfect for use in desert or jungle areas.

Special Fabric
The fabric which consists of different types of fibres is a Fire Retardant Ripstop fabric. This will prevent the pants from ripping when working in harsh environments. Furthermore we have put double stitches and Bartack reinforcements in critical points to reinforce the uniform even more. Furthermore the fabric has IRR capabilities. For this environment we have developed a special camouflage pattern which will be solely for use by the Dutch Military.

Fibrotex Technologies

Fibrotex develops and manufactures innovative Signature Management Systems for Armies and Special Forces around the world for more than 50 years. Our constant persue for excellence leads us to perfection as we deliver better solutions for the modern battlefield. Fibrotex brings high quality, tailor made products that suit versatile environments and requirements for our customers, providing the reliability you can depend on.

Design Review
We have put a lot of thought in to the design up to the smallest detail. We thought of big belt loops for duty belts to be workable. Height adjustable kneepads and easily removable labels and washing instructions to prevent irritation from these parts. Some of the other features that we added are:


Dutch SF uniform Mali Profile Equipment Fightex Fibrotex

-      Special fabric, lightest in its class

-      RibStop Fabric which prevents is from tearing

-      Inherited Fire Retardant, both the main fabric as well as the combat shirt

-      Permethrine coated, which is mosquito and thick repellent.

-      Zippers are covered from dust

-      Places that suffer the most wear and tear are double stitched and enforced with bartack stitches

-      The shirt has a ventilation shoulder panel

-      All labels are easily removable to prevent itching or irritation

-      The groin zipper opens two ways for easy access when wearing a MOLLE belt

-      Knees have a Kevlar® reinforcement

-      The knees have a pocket for inserts (pads)

-      Knee pad can be adjusted in height from the main pockets

-      The Hip area has a 3D mesh for added comfort with a duty belt

-      The leg has a elastic closing on the bottom

-      The button of the pants is connected with a webbing

-      IRR capabilities will also guarantee camouflage with NVG’s

-      Combat shirt pockets open from the side for easy access

-      Camouflage pattern and colours are unique and can be tuned to the environment

-      The Belt loops are extra wide to work with big buckled belts


Action picture Dutch SF Mali - Fightex Uniform Profile Equipment

Dutch commandos Mali - Profile Equipment Uniform

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