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Thermal Beacon - Military DVR - Goldtec

Image(s) Thermal Beacon - Military DVR - Goldtec
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Datasheet Thermal Beacon - Military DVR - Goldtec

Brand: Military DVR - Goldtec
Category: Optics

Profile Product Code: Depends on Model
Size: Depends on Model
In Use With: IDF,
Material: AL6061 T6
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Time: Depending on Model



Thermal beacons are used for covert thermal signaling by military forces or para-military forces in a variety of combat applications, primarily for detection by FLIR systems in the 3-12 micron ranges. The addition of near IR signaling for detection by Night Vision Devices produces a family of non-visible beacon emitters combining thermal and IR wavelengths with the option of readily identifiable flash patterns. The units are extremely small and lightweight, designed to be powered by batteries or vehicle power.

Our Thermal-Beacon is an innovative and unique infrared emitter, which radiates in the thermal spectrum and does not emit radiation in the visible or the near infrared region. It is used as an identification device in the thermal spectrum region, for use with military vehicles, yachts, police SWAT teams, SAR, emergency services and mountain rescue teams. The MS (Multi Spectral) version allows the user to control the spectrum of radiation from the following: Only thermal region (for thermal cameras Only near infrared region (for image intensifiers and SLS), Both thermal and near infrared regions simultaneously.

The Mechanical design allows the user to install the system in many different configurations.

Keywords: Thermal, Beacon, IR

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