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New Vision Solutions (NVISOL) at Milipol

Effectively recording your operation or training in day and night conditions is always a challenge. NVISOL provides both Active and Passive IR body.. read more.

Observation Post - Profile Equipment

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Brand: Profile Equipment
Category: Camouflage

Profile Product Code: OPkit
Size: 2x3m; 4x4m; 8x8 m
In Use With: IDF,
Material: RipStop Mesh
Protection Level: Thermal, IR, Radar, UV
Minimum Order Quantity: 5
Delivery Time: 8 weeks



Fibrotex Observation Post enables its users to remain concealed in every kind of environment providing them a Multi Spectral protection (Visual- Near IR- Thermal-Radar).The Observation Post can camouflage up to 10 team members, allowing them to fulfill their mission successfully; they can observe, track and shoot through the net while remaining undetected from the outside.

The modern battlefield demands that you will see and detect the enemy without being detected first. Fibrotex products have one operational goal expressed in their technology, design and deployment techniques the increased survival time and prolonged asset integrity of battlefield platforms and personnel. Nowadays, when Radar, Thermal and IR capabilities can be obtained easily in the civil market, visual capabilities alone are not good enough in the modern battlefield.

Keywords: Thermal, Camouflage, IR, IRR

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