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Helmet Pad Policy

We have been supplying helmet with Team Wendy Pad systems, if you got issued a helmet with Team Wendy ZAP pads please check the USMC guidelines for preventive maintanance of Lightweight Helmets

In short it says:

1) The hardware (nuts) inside the helmet must be covered by padding at all times. Failure to observe this precaution may cause serious injury or death (WARNING SUMMARY Page a)

2) All seven pads provide maximum impact protection. Using fewer than the standard number of pads is not authorized. The standard number of pads is seven pads for sizes XS-XL, nine pads for size XXL. For non-training and non-combat missions (parades, ceremonies, etc.) up to two pads (oblong/oval or trapezoidal) can be removed from the standard configuration. Do not wear the helmet without the crown pad. Failure to observe this precaution could result in serious injury or death. (WARNING SUMMARY Page a)

3) Replace missing or damaged suspension pads or pads that are cut or excessively worn. Failure to do so will result in a helmet that may not protect the wearer. Replace pads after 6 months of regular use. (WARNING SUMMARY Page b)

4) Your helmet must fit properly in order to adequately protect you. If you experience fit problems, excessive tightness or looseness, or your helmet profile is too high or too low, refer to the guidelines for Item 2 and Item 3 in this manual. Failure to observe this warning may result in serious injury or death. (WARNING SUMMARY Page b)

5) The rear trapezoidal pad must be placed flush with the rim (edge) of the helmet for airborne operations. If you experience helmet rotation during airborne operations, the rear trapezoidal pad can be placed so that it extends ½ inch beyond the rim of the helmet. Placing the rear trapezoidal pad flush or beyond the rim of the helmet prevents the hard shell from hitting your neck. Failure to observe this warning could result in serious injury or death. (WARNING SUMMARY Page c)

6) When donning the helmet for the first time in a cold environment, wear the helmet for a few minutes or warm the pads, for example by placing in pockets, so that the pads will conform to the shape of your head. As the pads warm up and conform to the shape of your head, it may be necessary to retighten the chinstrap retention system. Failure to observe this warning may cause improper fit and result in serious injury or death to personnel. (WARNING SUMMARY Page c)

7) Pads should be replaced after 6 months of continuous daily wear. All pads should be replaced at the same time. (Page 42)

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