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New FSS product Range


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Fibrotex Stealth Systems

Fibrotex® Stealth System ( FSS ) allows vehicles and operators to work invisibly.

 The FSS® system of the Israeli company Fibrotex makes vehicles less easily detectable by IR , UV, Thermal and radar equipment, as well as by the future SWIR equipment. The system has a mobile version, the FSS Mobile®, and a static version FSS Static® . The company , which focuses on the development and production of high-tech camouflage systems since the war in 1973, is a supplier of, among others, the Israeli and US military. One of the most recent projects is the supply of the uniforms for the SF units operating in Mali under extreme conditions.

FSS Mobile® 

The FSS Mobile® mobile system ensures that vehicles equipped with this system, as they move, become practically invisible to most modern sensors such as NIR , SWIR , IR and thermal viewers. A vehicle can be quickly and easily made stealth by the crew of the vehicle. The system is lightweight and takes up little space.

FSS Static® 

The FSS Static® system can be combined with the FSS Mobile® system if desired. It is used to make the vehicle and crew invisible for modern high-tech sensors. The static system is rolled out from the vehicle and clamped like a net. The crew and the vehicle to be removed from view , while their view is optimal for their capabilities, and can even been improved.

FSS Personal®

The FSS Personal® system is lightweight personal Stealth clothing that can be easily put on over the normal equipment and makes the user invisible to hightech sensors and thermal night vision . This technology , the newest innovation of the company, is used by some of the most elite SF units in the world and is already battle -proven. The FSS personal stealth system is being marketed under the name Night Walker.

FSS Maritime®

In addition to the Stealth technology for terrestrial operations, Fibrotex also produces systems to make SF vessels become less easily detectable on radar, IR or thermal viewers. For information about this FSS® technology, please contact us. 

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